Wesleyan’s Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library, more than just a library

wvwc-libraryThe Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library at West Virginia Wesleyan College is WVWC’s greatest sources of resources, ranging from books to movies, newspapers, databases, and more.
Their mission, as stated on their website, says: “We are committed to providing high quality resources and services that empower students for advanced learning. We affirm the American Library Association Code of Ethics as the model for high standards in professional librarianship, and we seek to encourage the appropriate and ethical use of information resources and intellectual property in teaching and learning.” They definitely manage to stick by their mission statement through the many resources they provide to all students that attend West Virginia Wesleyan College.

The Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library is built up in two different floors. The first floor is more of a social floor, where students have access to computers to do online research and have the opportunity to sit in group and work on group projects. This is also where the staff members of the library are located.
reading_room_muralAn interesting fact about the mural that can be found on the main floor on the wall in the back is that this was part of some art students’ final project as they tried to create a visual map of the library that allows students to find certain sections in the library back. For example, on the mural you can see Albert Einstein in the top right corner. This means that the physics section is located on the second floor in the right corner of the library. The second floor of the library is also called the silent floor. Student who like to do their homework or studying in silence can go up here to get their work done.

For our Marketing Research and Strategy’s class on Wednesday, January 25, 2017, we got to meet with one of the staff members, Beth Rogers, who is a Reference, Instruction, and Outreach Librarian for WVWC. She introduced us to the Annie Merner Pfeiffer Library’s website and focused on the online databases that are particularly interesting when studying Marketing Research and Strategy or doing research projects that revolve around marketing. These databases included academic research databases (Communication Source or Sage Premier Journals) and commercial databases (Mintel, Statista, and BrowZine).

Of these five databases, Communication Source (which directs you to the EBSCO database) is probably my favorite one, because I’ve been using this one for other business and economics classes in the past. Although, it is a smaller database, it always allowed me to find the information that I needed in order to complete my research projects by making very accurate searches through the filters that they provide. My second favorite one, which is one of the databases that has only recently been added to the list of our library’s databases, is Mintel. This was initially a database primarily used by businesses in order to conduct business research, but has now been made available to all Wesleyan students. This database holds tons of research done by various analysts about topics that are trending in today’s society as well as topics that were trending in the past. This database also allows you to filter your results until you get the information you really need for your own research.

Throughout my college career here at WVWC, I have been using the library’s online database almost every semester in order to complete research projects for different classes. Therefore, I’ve had attended more than one of Beth’s classes before. But even though most of the databases are pretty similar to use, attending these sessions have always helped me to not only getting to know new databases that could be very helpful for me to use in a course that I’m taking that semester, but also to make it easier and faster for me to access the right articles or research reports. I’m not losing lots of time anymore trying to find articles or research reports that are relevant to my own research compared to the beginning of my college career here at WVWC. mintel-logoIf you’re conducting research yourself, for school or the business you’re working for, I definitely advise you to take a look at Mintel as it has helped me a lot throughout a couple of courses I took in the past.


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